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and other questions and answers concerning the Enthronement plus
The Many Ways to Enthrone the Sacred Heart in Homes, Businesses, Institutions, K of C's Councils & Chapters, Schools, Convents, Parishes, Dioceses, Cities, States, and Nations.

A quick review!

1) First, what is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Enthronement?
The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in the Home is the recognition of Jesus as King of the family (or for any of the other various groups where the Enthronement takes place).
The Enthronement is more than a mere blessing of a Sacred Heart picture or statue or the mere dedication of the family or group's devotion to the Devine Heart. It is a WAY OF LIFE. It is recognition of Jesus Christ's Royal Power over all who are enthrone to live and/or work in union with Jesus by love, grace and obedience to His Commandments.
In this way, the Enthronement brings countless graces and blessing on the people, sanctifies them and through the people, society.

2) Who is its Apostle?
Father Mateo Crawley-Boevey, SS CC., a South American priest of the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary was the modern apostle of devotion to the Sacred Heart and founded this movement on August 24, 1907 -- upon his instantaneous cure at Paray-le-Monial where he visited the grave of St. Margaret Mary, who received the 12 Promises of the Sacred Heart during numerous apparitions by Jesus in the1670's.

3) How many types of Enthronements are available today?

To name many possible Enthronements:

 an Entire Archdiocese (meet with the local Archbishop to arrange the program)
•  a Parish Church Special 3-week Program Kit Available including Homilies and materials for display following every weekend Mass.
•  a Parish Church Men of Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary offer to organize an Enthronement program, including setting up a display of materials, plus sign up parishioners for Enthronements (each Pastor can arrange to follow-up and conduct the Enthronements in any of the methods the Parish wishes to offer its parishioners).
•  University, a High School, or Grade School, K of C Chapters & Councils, etc.
•  a Non-Catholics home or business
•  a commercial business with or without a Mass or a priest in attendance.
•  a Parishioner's home with a 9-day Home Novena (and optional Mass)
•  a Parishioner's home conducted by the family themselves (with or without a priest) using a special, inexpensive Kit. Page 1 of 2
•  a Parishioner's home a simplified service conducted by a representative of The Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary.
•  a Parishioner's home ... led by the Parish's Pastor, Assistant, or Deacon (and assisted by the Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary if requested).

4) Who created The Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary and who are the Men and how can they be contacted?

Father Francis Larkin, SS.CC., founded the Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary in 1943 and served as the National Director of the Enthronement. He wrote the popular book: Enthronement of the Sacred Heart published in 1978.

The Cincinnati Chapter is just one of many Chapters throughout the USA and was formed over 48 years ago. For more information about us, please write or FAX us at:

Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary
PO Box 531053
Cincinnati, OH 45253-1053, USA FAX #: 1 513 741-1149


Our Cincinnati Chapter Men are all volunteers. We exist by creating a wide variety of Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary framed color pictures and other religious articles and selling them at extremely low prices.

Our full-color Catalog is on our web site noted above as well as in our

National Headquarters web site at:

Men of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary from all over America and Canada meet every May at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleview, Il (across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO).